Luxury, friendliness, peace and well-being

The Grange 1731 in Samoëns welcomes you to a refined atmosphere that mixes the warm authenticity of a haut-savoyard chalet with the comfort of modern and prestigious services.

Located at the heart of the Samoëns resort, nestled in a natural jewel, the Grange 1731 is an invitation to luxury, serenity and pleasure for a revitalising and exceptional holiday.

The Grange 1731: your luxury chalet to rent

Our traditional and charming chalet is available to rent all year round. Its peaceful atmosphere and high-quality services will help you fully appreciate an outstanding natural setting: from the white winter wonderland to the simmering gracefulness of the summer mountains and the timeless charm of the village of Samoëns with its traditional architecture. Able to house 12 people, our chalet is a simple yet intimate and elegant place that can be shared with your family or friends. Reserve your unforgettable stay today.

Pure lifestyle, Pure luxury...

A paradise in wich every element has been chosen with utmost taste and care.All the furniture has been specifically tailor-made; old wood, natural stone, delicate fabrics, high -quality materials. A stunning spacious, bright room in a comfort and cosy atmosphere. Tradition, luxury and modernity all combine perfectly!